Lunch Menu


Preschool prepares and serves USDA-approved morning snacks, lunches, and afternoon snacks. Menus are available to print from this page and posted at the entrance of each classroom. Meals are served family style to encourage self-reliance and communication skills. Children are encouraged to sample and make their own food choices.

Elementary and Middle schools have a different schedule

Snack Recess is from 9:40AM-10:00AM
Lunch Recess for grades K, 5th-8th is at 11:35AM-12:20PM
Lunch Recess for grades 1st-4
th is at 12:20PM-1:05PM
Parents are asked to provide a balanced, nutritional lunch. Soft drinks are not allowed.

Snacks are for sale for 1-8 grade students. Daily lunch is also available for $4.50 per student.
Cash tender is not accepted, however, 
students will access accounts set up by their parents in order to purchase snacks and lunch. To set up an account, please visit LunchTime.