Arpi-JArpy Jarlekian (Lead Teacher – Toddlers)

I first walked through Hovsepian doors in the 90’s as a student just like ours! I returned in 2009 to follow my passion of teaching. Caring for our children is my second nature as I have been taking joy in that for over 10 years. While on my educational journey towards a degree in Early Childhood Development, I have also attended countless workshops and lectures for personal growth in this field. I adore children of all ages, but there is really something magical about sharing first school experiences with Toddlers! I strive to provide a fun and balanced environment where children can be curious, willing to explore, and eager to learn through play and prayer.


Rita-JRita Jabourian (Lead Teacher – Preschool 2)

I am very excited to be part of the Hovsepian Preschool Family! I have been working in the field of education for the past 18 years. 8 of those years have been at Hovsepian. I have graduated with my AA in Early Childhood Development. During my studies, I have completed many onsite training at a variety of childhood development centers. I feel that children all learn and grow at their own pace and we as educators have the privilege of guiding them through that journey.


Tina-BTina Boghossian (Lead Teacher – Preschool 2)

Welcome!  My name is Tina Boghossian. I have been working professionally in Early Childhood Education for 23 years. I have earned my Child Development Teacher Permit through the Commission on Teacher Credentialing. I currently teach our Preschool 2 children. I absolutely love working with kids and helping them grow! Looking forward in getting to know our families and helping our wonderful children learn.


Ashkhen-JAshkhen Jivalagian (Lead Teacher – Preschool 3)

I have been a teacher since 1998. I began my child development career 8 years ago at Hovsepian. When I started my education in child development, it sparked a lifelong career and love for teaching. Having the opportunity to work with children and to educate them is an incredible rewarding endeavor that I take pride in. It is exciting to see my students grow and transition to the primary grades.


Maro-SMaro Shahinian (Lead Teacher – Preschool 3)

Hello! My name is Maro Shahinian. I have been at Hovsepian School for 8 years. I have earned my BA in Early Childhood Education. I have always had a love of learning; this is why I love to teach and be with young children. When I am not teaching, I love to spend time with my three children. I believe teaching is an incredibly important profession and I am glad to be part of it!


Shoushan-GShushan Gezalian (Lead Teacher – Pre-K)

I have been part of Hovsepian School since 2007. I have earned by BA in Early Childhood Education & Liberal Studies. After many years of teaching children of various ages, I decided to teach preschool age children. I see preschoolers as my blank canvas, on which I paint my colorful paintings. I think preschool years are the foundation and the most important years of a child’s life. In addition, being a mother of three taught me a lot of patience and understand about children’s needs and developmental milestones. I enjoy being part of this school. It makes me happy and fulfilled to see children blossoming through the months.


Carla-VCarla Vanesian (Assistant Teacher – Preschool 2)

Welcome! My name is Carla Vanesian and I have been at Hovsepian since 2013. I have earned by BA in English literature and currently continuing to earn my credentials in Early Childhood Education. I enjoy reading stories and dancing with preschool children. I love to encourage their imagination and watch them grow!



Nelly-PNelly Paloulian (Assistant Teacher – Preschool 3)

As a young child, I have always wanted to be a teacher. Finally in 2005 that became a reality. After being accepted at Hovsepian in 2008, I have continued to enjoy my teaching career. I love being around our children and helping them learn the Armenian culture and language. I have earned by Early Childhood Education credentials and continue to further my education. My favorite activity with children is reading them stories. I wish all my students a bright future!


Ani-MarsilianAni Marsilian (Assistant Teacher – Preschool 3)

Hello Everyone! My name is Ani Marsilian. I have been an educator for the past 30 years at the Giligian College. I have earned my Child Development Degree and Teacher Permit in ECE. I have attended many seminars in Armenia, Lebabon and Syria in the emphasis of Armenian Education.  I have been at Hovsepian for the past 3 years. I believe in providing a warm and loving atmosphere for all children. As a teacher, it is important to address all needs and make learning fun and exciting.


Ani-H-grn assistAni Haroutunian (Assistant Teacher – Pre-K)

My name is Ani Haroutunian and I have been at Hovsepian since 2010. I have been in the field of education for 20 years. I first began to teach the Armenian language to kindergarten children. I then continued my education and earned my credentials in the field of Early Childhood Education. I continue to follow my passion of educating the young. I am happy to listen children speak our language and I continue to encourage them at every chance I have.


Lilian-BLilian Bastikian (Assistant Teacher – Toddlers)

 This is my 3rd year at Hovsepian! I recently graduated with my BA in Child and Adolescent Development. I have had the opportunity to do field work in many different schools allowing me to work with children of all ages. I believe teachers should encourage and guide children by supporting their strengths and scaffolding them with their weaknesses so they may become independent, confident, and creative people. I also believe that children learn from their surroundings so it is our responsibility to provide them a loving and positive learning environment.


SonaSona Djiguerian (Assistant Teacher – Pre-K)

I have been a Hovsepian Mom since 1999. Although my children have long graduated, I care for my students like my own. I started my teaching career at Hovsepian in 2011. I have completed over 60 units in Child Development and continue to further my education. I believe in setting a good foundation for our children. I look forward seeing my little seedlings grow and I will continue to help plant the roots of our future leaders.