Health & Safety

State regulations prohibit day care facilities from having a child in attendance with any of the following conditions:

• If he/she has a fever or had one during the previous 24-hour period.
• If he/she has been taking an antibiotic for less than 24- hours.
• If he/she has a nasal discharge, which is yellow or green.
• If he/she has a constant cough.
• If he/she is fussy, cranky, lethargic, and generally not himself/herself.
• If he/she has a yellow, white or green discharge from the eyes.
• If he/she has a new skin rash or mouth sores.
• If he/she has had consistent diarrhea or vomiting in the last 24 hours.

It is important that your child gets plenty of rest. If your child has symptoms of a possible communicable disease, please notify the school office immediately. A parent/guardian will be notified if the class has been exposed to a communicable disease. Refer to the list below for communicable diseases.

Communicable diseases include but are not limited to:

• Chicken Pox
• Conjunctivitis
• Foot & Mouth Disease
• Influenza (Flu)
• Lice
• Measles
• Mumps
• Rubella
• Scabies
• Scarlet Fever
• Whopping Cough