Students at St. Gregory Hovsepian School participate in a rigorous relevant curriculum schoolwide. Textbook adoptions in the core content areas are approved by the Education Committee, Administration, and the Faculty. Prior to adoption all aforementioned parties evaluate the effectiveness of the material in delivering the stated standards, the rigor of the program to ensure delivery of the California Standards. In recent years the committees have also taken into consideration the technology available with the curriculum programs. Many of the newer textbooks include on-line support websites for students and teachers. Digital accessibility has become a factor in determining appropriate curriculum for students who are digital natives. All Hovsepian textbooks meet or exceed the expectations of the evaluating committee.

A monthly guideline of the core curricula is available to new and veteran teachers. These outlines developed and reviewed by K-8 teachers, administration, and Education Committee. These outlines are closely based on the California Standards based textbooks.

All K-8 teachers are highly qualified and knowledgeable regarding the standards for their subjects. All members of the faculty are fluent in the Expected Schoolwide Learning Results (ESLRs) and incorporate them into the academic curriculum on a regular basis. In 2012-2013 academic year, the Language Arts department in both English and Armenian incorporated ESLRs in all the schoolwide writing assessment prompts.

In 2014, the Education Committee, administration, and the staff explored the new Common Core Curriculum that is being adopted by the state of California. We have familiarized ourselves with the new standards and have been introducing the new standards into the classrooms.

Student work is used to evaluate the instruction and delivery of the curriculum. Based on the data generated, teachers make adjustments in their instructional practices to more effectively teach the curriculum.