Uniform Policy

Students attend school wearing the Hovsepian School colored t-shirts. Boys wear navy blue pull-on pants; girls wear navy blue skirts. Students are required to wear the Hovsepian School sweater. Please label all clothing and outer garments to reduce loss.

Please provide children with a change of clothing to keep at school as a precaution. As there is a limited supply, if your child is sent home with clothing provided by the school, please wash and return it to the teacher the following day.

Tennis shoes are required. Open-toed sandals or flip-flops are prohibited.

All uniforms are sold at the school.

Kindergarten, Elementary, and Middle School

Girls Skirts : $35.00
White Polo Shirt : $20.00
Hooded Zip Sweaters : $35.00
P.E. Shirt : $15.00
P.E. Short : $15.00
P.E. Sweatpants: $25.00