Visual and Performing Arts

All K-8 students partake in the visual and performing arts program that the administration and education committee implements. This department uses rigorous standards based designed by Hovsepian teachers, using the state standards, ESLRs, and the supports other core subjects by incorporating Language Arts (English and Armenian) and Social Studies standards into the curriculum. The following are the four branches of this department: Art, Choir, Dance, and Drama. Each subgroup presents a number of exhibitions or performances throughout the year. Oftentimes, these subgroups launch collaborative events, celebrating the arts (e.g., Multicultural Day Festivities, the Annual Middle School Play, Café Poetry Night, Armenian Cultural Month Festivities, etc.). All classes utilize critical thinking through projects, performance, and personal reflection as part of the assessment.

Pasadena Conservatory of Music

St. Gregory Alfred & Marguerite Hovsepian School is partnering with the Pasadena Conservatory of Music, building a comprehensive music program, musical instruments library, and hiring accomplished music teachers with classical training who can educate our preschool to first grade students at a higher level.

The partnership produces an engaging music program for all students, which is centered on the positive effects and benefits that music delivers to children starting at an early age.

How Playing an Instrument Benefits your Brain